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The person who bought a Powerball ticket in Southern  that won a record $2.04billion jackpot will have to reveal their ID due to California state law. <br>The winning numbers were selected Tuesday morning, nearly 10 hours after the scheduled Monday night drawing because of problems processing sales data at one of the game's member lotteries.<br>The victorious ticket was finally sold after more than three months without anyone hitting the top prize. <br>However, because the winner purchased their ticket at Joe's Service Center in Altadena, California, they will be forced to let the world know of their new fortune. <br>California not only doesn't permit lottery winners to remain anonymous, but they are compelled by law to publicly reveal their name and location, according to .<br>The only states that allow lotto winners to remain anonymous are Kansas, Delaware, Maryland, North Dakota, Ohio, Texas and South Carolina.<br>      (image:  )  The person who bought a Powerball ticket in Southern California that won a record $2.04billion jackpot will have to reveal their ID due to California state law<br>      (image:  )    <br>      (image:  )    'We are excited,' he said at a press conference with California Lottery. He said he would share the money with his family, including his 11 grandchildren <br>      (image:  )    Joe Chahayed, the owner of Joe's Service Center in Altadena, California, sold the $2.04billion Powerball ticket. Chahayed won $1million for selling the ticket at his store <br>          RELATED ARTICLES                                                                      Share this article                  Share                                  Officials have argued in the past that transparency from the winner makes everyone aware that their ticket could be the real winner. <br>They recommend winners change their cell phone number and email, do not respond to calls or texts from strangers and hire both a financial advisor and a lawyer you trust. <br>The numbers for the drawing held in Tallahassee, , were: white balls 10, 33, 41, 47 and 56, and the red Powerball was 10. <br>The jackpot ticket was sold at Joe's Service Center in Altadena, an unincorporated community in the foothills northeast of Los Angeles. <br>The winner, whose identity remains unknown, can now decide whether to take the whole prize as a 30-year annuity or opt for an instant lump sum of around $997.6 million.<br>The , followed by incorrect reports, including by AFP, that nobody had secured the jackpot, sent social media into overdrive - with an avalanche of Powerball memes shared online. <br>      (image:  )      <br>      (image:  )      <br>      (image:  )      <br>      (image:  )      <br>      (image:  )      Twitter was flooded with Powerball memes after the drama of the delay <br>The owner of Joe's Service Center said lotto officials informed him that his store sold the winning ticket before he opened on Tuesday.<br>Joe, whose surname hasn't be released, will win a won $1million share of the prize. <br>One of his sons said: 'There's no one else that deserves it more than this man.'<br>The official California Lottery Twitter account said it was the state's first ever lottery billionaire. <br>It added: 'We are so excited and we just can't hide it. Not only did California have the BIG #Powerball winner, three more tickets matched 5 numbers missing just the Powerball in Gardena, Beaumont, and San Francisco. Congratulations to all our players! #CALottery'<br>      (image:  )      Monday night's draw was delayed until Tuesday morning and a ticket has won the $2bn prize<br>      (image:  )      The jackpot reached an eye-watering $2billion after 40 consecutive draws without a winner<br>The claim that nobody had won the prize and published on an unofficial Powerball website and Twitter account. That was then widely circulated by a respected news wire, AFP, and covered by several news outlets.<br>It's not yet clear how many tickets were sold for the latest draw - but an estimated 280 million were sold for Saturday night's draw, when the jackpot was $1.6billion.<br>By comparison, around 159 million people voted in the 2020 presidential election - about 63 percent of voting-age US residents.<br>That means it's likely millions more tickets were sold for Tuesday's Powerball draw than there will be votes cast in the midterms.<br>Monday night's draw for the bumper prize was delayed after an unnamed state said it needed more time to process sales.<br>Officials carried out the draw on Tuesday morning and also said new calculations revealed the jackpot was around $100million more than the initial estimate of $1.9 billion. <br>There were  before the prize was finally won, which caused the prize to rack up to new heights. <br>To win the jackpot, a person must match all six numbers. The last time a win happened was on August 3 when one Pennsylvania resident won $206.9 million. <br>Powerball tickets are $2 per play and are sold in 48 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. <br>The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 292.2 million. <br>      (image:  )      Ticket sales soared after the jackpot hit $1.9bn with around 280million sold for that draw alone<br>      (image:  )      It's probable more tickets will be sold for Wednesday's draw than votes cast in the midterms<br>The winner can either opt to receive an annuity, a series of annual payments over three decades, to receive the $2.04 billion promised, or cash out for a single, lower payment that is significantly taxed.<br>If multiple people win, then the prize would have to be split.<br>Before the winner can walk away with a single payment of the prize money of about $1.4billion, a 24 percent federal tax withholding on gambling winnings will be applied.<br>The windfall would also tip them into the top tax rate of 37 percent. It means federal tax on the lump sum would amount to an estimated $518 million.<br>                                data-track-module="am-external-links^external-links">  Read more:                  DM.later('bundle', function()        DM.has('external-source-links', 'externalLinkTracker');    );  my webpage
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Friday, November 11, 2022
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